mandag den 28. februar 2011

Redeemed in Evanescence

Dulche est decorum est....

To live to differ, to differ to live.

søndag den 27. februar 2011

The Rockabilly Circus

Ah yes, the warm prospect of a decent night out beckons in tandem with the first glimpses of the approaching Spring. Featuring a very impressive lineup consisting of both established industry names and up and coming jocks, The Rockabilly circus looks set to shatter the norms of the average carnival party, brimming as it does with unique appeal and a swashbuckling sense of eccentric adventurism. You wouldn't want to be anywhere else in Copenhagen on the 5th of March.


♥ Lulu Rouge(Dj-set)

♥ Kenton Slash Demon(Dj-set)

♥ Kúra(Live)

♥ Afrokid(Rust,Jolene)

♥ The Immigrants(Bakken,Faust)

♥ Borneland(Hussy)

Nordatlantens Brygge
strandgade 91, 5 sal.
Copenhagen, Denmark

5th March 2011 23:00 - 06 March at 05:00


I don't see an American dream, I See an American nightmare !

I don't see an American dream, I see an American nightmare, which we're all subscribing to, the world over.

The modern day perception of Santa Claus was based on a marketing gimmick for a wholeheartedly capitalist cause. Global Coca-colonisation and deculturation via fast food cash cows like McDonald's and numerous other multinationals..these are the real weapons of mass destruction that republican America is looking for with such ardent zest.

Boycott consumerism !

Here is the story of how our conception of Santa Claus got colonized by capitalism, in the proud words of the Coca Cola company themselves.

Coca Cola lore:

(Thanks for the picture Frederik)

The week that's been in music. Volume I

If music be the fruit of life....Play on. This is the first in a series of posts through which I intend to share some of the songs that I'm listening to with the world. The ten tracks of my week this week are:

1) Joy Orbinson. Hyph Mynho. Attutude-ridden, synth-kissed grime. Repetitive yet contemplative. The eclectic London-based wizard Joy Orbinson achieved underground eclat for this tune back in 2009.

2) Joy Orbinson. So Derobe. Another contemplative rhythm from Joy Orbinson. Disctintcly dub, sounds like Burial with a healthy sprinkling of sheer uumph!

3) Pretty Lights. Finally Moving. Sentimental, violin-graced simplicity, ideal for brezzy Sunday's on the sofa.

4) Misc Mix: Cymantic Freuqencies. An audio visual mix by DK. A journey into sound, down the avenues of dub and grime.

5) Damian Marley. Welcome to Jamrock (Dubstep remix): Raunchy dubstep patterns juxtaposed exquistely alongside Damian Marley's timless tune, Welcome to Jamrock

6) Chase & Status. No problem. A tune with a wicked African vocal; not the best beat pattern though but still out there amongst the unique and the rare

7) Katie Melua. I Cried for you. Beautiful, serene, loving. The endearing voice of Katie Melua, delicately poised and soft spoken. This is for the broken hearted, "Beauty need only be a whisper"

8) Alex Font. Angola. A tribal anthem that one would expect to hear in the sweaty basements of a cool club with a hefty sound system. Sexual, mysterious and engaging.

9) Mzungu Kichaa "Jitolee" A passionate track from the ground-breaking Danish musician, Søren Espesen. This is a tribute to Tanzania, to Africa and to multiculturalism.

10) Mice Parade. Old Hat. Sounds like a charango in the background. Sentimental, alternative, hopeful... elevating; much like the delicate dance of the winter's transcendence to spring.

Urban Language: Signs that speak

Don't touch. The entrapment of restriction

Art or vandalism ? Wage war on materialism and consumerism not on art and graffiti. The urban canvas will prevail.

Reading between the letters and beyond the unsaid.

Language is a discourse, and every existent object, inanimate or otherwise communicates through such a discourse. Pictures and signs speak volumes but say nothing as such.

The Papaya Journal

Work in Progress. Coming Soon... Stay tuned

Beyond the impassioned stillness

Beyond the impassioned stillness of the crystalline night

Wandering, wavering, woolly. Vindicated from this sight

Lies but the mystique of the veritable. Tainted in enigmatic silence

Shrouded in a polychotomy of the real. Pained in incandescence

Beyond the sullen symptomatic surreal, the juncture of the obscene

Vilified, vaulted, verdant. Syndicated from the serene

Lies but the beauty of the known. Engulfed In displaced serenity

Imbued by the dainty elegance of the inane. Moulded in heterogeneity

Beyond the junction of the mundane serendipity of the whole

Endeared, endangered, exposed. Implicated in the conjured soul

Lies but the sanity of the enacted. Trapped in implacable cadence

Clothed in the syntax of the established. Beyond the set silence


Perenially Nomadic

This fleeting movement has become a part of me. A perennial longing for the elsewhere, a constant criticism of the present. Assimilated inasmuch as dissatisfaction vents its venturing spleen, scattered in the plausible reality of the present. Alone with the vices, not even nature can reach me here, not in this mass matrix of technology and conformity. Elemental disposition, disinterested souls and poised appearances, the misleading syndicate of mankind’s humility towards himself. Acceptance is key, rejection a displacement, neutrality an affable luxury at the dispense of an entire generation inseparable by age, gender and ecology, unified In the righteous individuality of role playing and regularity.

Where have all the young supernovas gone? Stone ages passing. Where have all the petals gone? Archaic ages ago. Vindicate me, to the Northern lights, to the Southern soul, samba and passion. Vindicate me to strength. Evanesced. Vindicate me.

fredag den 18. februar 2011

Man and Nature

Beyond the concrete jungle and the platitude normality of city life, there is a world that remains relatively unperturbed by the scorn of modern man.

Miles away in the jungles of Papua New Guinea and the lush greenery of the Amazonian jungle; in the savage sands of the shifty Sahara and the coral fringed coves of isolated islands in the pacific. In the unconquerable depths of Africa's wilderness and the foreboding icy vastness of the arctic where the colours of the night sky dance aloft with the stars. It is in places such as these that mankind dwells at peace and at ease, unperturbed and admirably listless, at one with nature and with his spirit.

When I look around me and see the masses of materialistic scavengers that I too am a part of, with our Iphones and facebook accounts; technological extensions of our egos that disconnect us from our fellow man, I wonder where this world is headed. The dystopian interpretation of our false utopia suddenly seems all that more real. This is what Aldous Huxley spoke so innocuously of in "Brave new world" or what Gary Ross portrayed on screen, with a delicately majestic use of colour in "Pleasantville" This is the world that The Wachowski brothers mocked with artistic genius in "The Matrix trilogy" what phsyics, psychology and all manner of conceptualisations ignored and continued to ignore for thousands of years. It is the world that has been pulled over your unsuspecting eyes to keep you from the truth.

You have no idea what i'm talking about do you ? Perhaps it's the urge to rush outside into the night sky and scream at the bypassing moonlit clouds, or the need to tweet with the cacophony of the morning bird choir or the unfaltering desire to clamber up the nearest tree and watch the world go by, the wandering stranger that she always is. Few would find themselves disposed to do any of the aforementioned in the concrete Cassablanca we dwell in, it would be too outward, too uncivillised...too human ? And therein lies the conundrum; Are you really free ? And if you are, what is holding you back ?

onsdag den 16. februar 2011

Ski slopes ahoy!

I always enjoy the ecstasy of enjoying the winter (as opposed to suffering painfully through it that is)

One of the highlights of an "enjoyable" winter therein (if indeed such a phenomenon does exist) is the opportunity to brave the piercing wind and take advantage of the thick, moss-like masses of snow by gliding seamlesslly over them, as if they were the sky below and you were straddled on a magic carpet. The adrenalin rush that follows as a result of one skiing or snowboarding down a snow-clad slope is like none other. I for one love this sensation and as such, hope to head to Sweden's Vallåsen ski resort to soak up some fine snow before the springtime trots along !

See you there perhaps ?

mandag den 14. februar 2011


I find myself in a transitory state of existence. I'm miles away in the restless wintry winding of February which has graced the spirit of the time with her cold winds and flickers of the warmth of the encroaching summer sun. Tis but valentine's day today, ever so ironically. I disperse my fond farewell to you, so fair so rare and so innoncent. You are sorely missed.


Farewell! since vain is all my care,
Far, in some desert rude,
I'll hide my weakness, my despair:
And, 'midst my solitude,
I'll pray, that, should another move thee,
He may as fondly, truly love thee.
Adieu, bright eyes, that were my heaven!
Adieu, soft cheek, where summer blooms!
Adieu, fair form, earth's pattern given,
Which Love inhabits and illumes!
Your rays have fallen but coldly on me:
One far less fond, perchance, had won ye!

From the French of CLEMENT MAROT.