mandag den 29. november 2010

The Cavalier Antics of The Brute

A tribute to individuality. The world as we know it is a multi dimensional framework of infinite possibilities. The plight of humanity at present is that man, with his finite, established perceptual norms is trying to grasp that which lies beyond the finite. Ergo it follows that his comprehension of himself and of the universe(s) in which he exists is in turn, a finite (i.e. limited) notion. Inequality is the consequence of this, man's futile struggle to separate himself from himself. Inequality manifests itself in class struggle, power abuse, racial imbalance; the fundamental problems of the world today as they always have been.

I write this, imprisoned by the very virtue of being human, contained by such a virtue, scathed, loved, adored but always imprisoned by this simple manner of virtue.

The world around me is alive and awake, dreaming in its wandering winter waylays,

These tearful shows of sorrow, these hopeful mourns of peace

The pacifist serenity of the shade has long since wandered

Replaced instead by congenial feuds, impertinent woes and vile usherings

Peace, stratified, symmetrical symphonies, the loot that fills your welcome ears

Tears, joy, anguish, lyricism, the hosts that partake such poignant a feast

Brave, beaten, bridled by the beaming beckoning beauty of sunrise

By the diligent precedence of the cold, the cavalier antics of the brute.

tirsdag den 23. november 2010

Outbound On The Wings Of Love

The first major snowfall of the year has been and gone, on a day that communist North Korea attacked South Korea. I’m inside my bunker, warm and sheltered from the hostile yet beautiful world out there, a world that’s been painted white tonight by the proper onset of the oncoming winter. It’s beautiful to look at it all, much as it is disheartening and disquieting to hear of North Korea’s aggressions against her neighbour. Hence sprouts the question on my lips, is the sight before me a winter horror show, a winter wonderland (i.e. a wonderful state of affairs) ,a Winter WONDERland (i.e. a state of affairs that leaves plenty for one to wonder / ponder about) or perhaps even a Winter WANDER-land (a platform for the synesthetic wanderings of the tender heart?) I’d like to think it encompasses all notions, or at the very least many notions much like beauty does. My thoughts converge in prose:

Outbound on the wings of love

Inbound, my heart, my reality, my absurdity

Quaint, saintly stately simple like a dove

Complex, intricate, distinctly disparate like causality

Outbound on the wings of love

Inbound, my soul, my destiny, my tranquillity

Faint, daintily decadent, drab like concrete

Intertwined, delicately spun. Soigné like carnation petals

Outbound on the wings of love

Inbound, my passion, my adoration, my incongruity

Impatient, acrimoniously vacant, plain as chess

Imbued, finely stitched. Soft and serene like the falling snow.

torsdag den 18. november 2010

Pitch cream

I walk in a weary winter wilderness, where the people I love and the friends I knew have changed their spirits with the passions and devotions of the time. I long for the earnest summer and its warm eddies of the morning that kiss me softly upon my awakening. The earnest summer that nurses me tenderly and with the affection of a rose petal falling through the still night. I long for this more than anything else, as does everyone else.

The cold winter winds bring a foreboding sense of evil with them, one that pricks and stabs at the fingertips of the heart's fabric, yet if the trees in their stately nakedness can survive this horror show, and their roots can bloom as they do beneath the frozen earth, how can it be that mankind, with his vast armada of warmth and happiness solicitors manages to chill his marrow from the inside out? Warmth comes from within, passions needn't die along with the unseen sun. No one thing, climate or concept can be the source of happiness...It sprouts from within.

Out of the night that inspires me, caramel from the humble beginnings from pitch to ditch
A great many tidings come to mind, simple, stately and innate, a cure for the perennial itch
The world outside is frightfully shallow, a mere convalescence of a bygone existence
The trees have folded their pride, held intact on the sole premise of the prospect of transcendence
Out of the day that constructs me, beige from the genesis of rustic existence
A torrent of emotions surface to the canvas of thought, sordid, structured and irate
The moon beyond is delightfully impassioned, a startling incandescence of vivid yet timid contrasts
The leaves have bent their stately status, wrenched from their roots by the decadent beauty of the cold

tirsdag den 16. november 2010

Dansk Folkeparti : Pushing The Wrong Buttons And Getting Away With it All The Same

Associating minority groups with everything that's going wrong in society is nothing new. The insinuation by The Danish People's Party of there being no free food left in hospital waiting rooms due to the large appetite of foreign immigrants should therefore come as no surprise. (See original article

What is shocking, however, is the fact that the Danish People's Party is the third largest party in this country. where do all the votes come from and does this reflect something rather upsetting about a nation that prides itself in liberal, egalitarian virtues? The notion of there being such extensive support for a party that has made no attempt to hide its scorn and contempt for foreign nationals living on Danish soil is a troubling prospect indeed. The severity of it all is emboldened by the fact that Denmark doesn't actually have that many immigrants compared to other European nations and the rate of immigration into the country is considerably below the EU norm. The Danish people's party has however, made every attempt to magnify and exaggerate the issue of immigration, likening it to an attack on the virtues and traditions of the nation, in keeping with the traditions of most right-wing movements.

Just over half a century ago a certain minority group in European society were directly and deliberately linked to the problems and predicaments of the time. The results of this persecution were catastrophic to say the least, yet fast forward the hand of time to modern day European society and the notion that history repeats itself may indeed seem rather plausible. The rise of far-right parties in Europe over the last five years is as alarming as it is deplorable. The British National Party recently gained representation in the European parliament whilst the French National Front continues to increase its influence in everyday French politics. In The Netherlands, Geert Wilders' anti-Islamist Party For Freedom has equalled the the Danish People's party in becoming the third largest political party (as of the 2010 general election) For a party that is only five years old, such exponential growth can only be described as remarkable, yet again the question as to what this reflects about the attitudes of a nation comes to prominence.

The tactics of the aforementioned far-right political parties seek, in no uncertain terms, to instill a fear of the unknown amongst the citizens of Europe by tactically cultivating associations between the problems of a nation and the immigrants within it. Immigrants are portrayed as being problematic, destructive and threatening to the fundamental ideals of the nation thus prompting a fear of everything foreign and a melodramatic affection for nationalist morals and only nationalist morals.

To all those who continue to vote for the far right, what you fear is not out there amongst the immigrants of whom you know absolutely nothing about, it is nowhere else than within you, in the caverns and crevices of your conscience that you dare not venture into. Your fear is essentially the fear of the unknown, the fear of not being part of the nationalist zeitgeist that you believe to be your safety net, the fear of being an individual capable of rational and independent thought. Truth however is prevalent construct even amongst those in denial; perhaps the culprit responsible for the problems of modern day Europe is none other than the foreigner staring at you in the mirror.

lørdag den 13. november 2010

Sensation, oh how I've missed you so

Sensation Sensation Sensation! It’s been a long year but here we are yet again, destined to meet in the eternity of white yonder! How I’ve missed you! In years gone by I made a pilgrimage over hundreds of kilometres, across an entire nation to see you. Last year I transcended to a higher level of purpose through you and with you. This year, I come to you from the pinnacle of my swishing dreams, ready to share my happiness with you and to hear of your progress. Long live the night! I’m ready to leave the world behind me and let love take over!

What is Sensastion White might you ask?

Sensation is an large indoor dance event that originated in the Netherlands. The original event ran exclusively in Amsterdam for a period of five years up until 2005. Today, the Sensation concept has been proudly exported to other nations such as Chile, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Denmark.

Sensation was originally a trance event but in later years it has become a pure house music affair. All attendees are required to wear white and the arena in which the event is held is elaborately decorated to match Sensation’s themes. This year sees Sensation make a return to Denmark for the third year running after a successful debut in 2008 and a solid follow-up last year. The event has been all but sold out, with several well-known Dj names such as Fedde Le Grande, Noir, Joris Voorn, 2000 and One and the legendary Eric Prydz on the lineup for what promises to be a spectacular event.

Magical moments of previous Sensation Whites’

Tiga dropping his Mind Dimension tune (Sensation White , Parken stadium 2008)

I was sat catching my breath in the stands with a mate when Tiga dropped this sizzling tune, which had only just come out. I almost fell down the stairs as I rushed to the heart and pulse of the ocean of white beneath me to revel in the magic this monstrous tune created

Laidback Luke’s remix of Martin Soleveig’s “I want you” killer getting dropped (Sensation White , Parken stadium 2008)

I had this song stuck in my head months after Sensation was long gone. I don’t remember who dropped it or at what point during the night this took place, all my memory associates this song with every time I hear it is the sheer euphoria of being carried away to the mystical dreamland of Sensation White.

One of my mates (no names disclosed) trying to clamber over the barriers dividing the VIP section from the rest of the arena. He was promptly hauled down by a rather business-like bouncer and escorted to the exit. Luckily for him, it was closing time so we were on the way out in anycase. It had me laughing though !

In a few hours from now, I'll be back in the white wonderland again, larging it with the erstwhile Francesco Imperato & Marcelo Carasco. It's going to be massive !

Celebrate life !

Peace, love and hedonism.