lørdag den 26. marts 2011

Having a bit of a dub-ish step start to my day

This has to be the dubstep track of the moment. The light, candy-floss esque vocals of chart sensation Ellie Goulding get a liberating makeover in the form of filthy beat prowess. Jakwob, a name that is as self evident as it gets, has also remixed other Goulding's chart toppers and extended his beat treatment to the tunes other mainstream musicians and groups such as Killa Kella, Katie Melua, Yeah Yeah Yeah's and Alan Pownall.

I leave you with his catchy edit of Katie Melua's "The Flood" Happy Saturday afternoon!

fredag den 25. marts 2011

Relativity of another sort

Turn on, tune in, tune out. Timothy Leary. Cyberdelics also alter the shape and form of time. The object in motion is the mind, in motion, on a trip. In keeping with Einstein's theory of relativity, objects in motion experience events in time differently to stationary objects. It follows that the mind, through a journey of cyberdelics, synesthesia and psychedelics alters time from behind the retinas of the eye. Space and objecthood are also synthesised differently- they are less hologramatic and more abstract, the result of which can create anything from penrose steps to penrose time travel. It's all in the mind, but is it really ?

Through the doors of perception towards the primordial truth...

Time: A relative construction

The sequential, programmed reactions of hydrogen particles; a process that is uniform throughout as a means to construct the human unit of time. Fascinating and precise.

Yet even on earth, time is a relative construct that has been shaped politically or otherwise with the overall goal of fulfilling a partcular motive, ulterior, genuine or otherwise. Whilst Greenwich meantime has been accepted as the basis from which the world anchors its time structure, the earth is not in fact divided up into 24 equal time zones. Some nations such as Nepal for instance, have zig-zagging time zones that don't correspond to the unitised zonal time system. And as demonstrated by the Treriksrøysa border point (the point at which the borders of Russia, Finland and Norway converge) time is different from one spot to another. The three nations on all sides of the Treriksrøysa point adhere to different time zones. In practice, ice hockey teams from the border zones of the three countries travel backwards or forwards in time on each and every occassion of them crossing the border for a match. Hence, people of this region, despite being almost in the same place interpret a common concept differently and therefore structure their lives differently too.

Ergo from different reference points there can never be agreement on the simultaneity of events.

Thus, time is a socially constructed concept of something that is in fact completely different to all the numerous and detailed forms of perception that we have engineered in order to comprehend it. In similar vein, just as the Scottish philosopher David Hume propagated, objects consist of their properties and nothing more. An apple is red and juicy because these are the properties we synthesise in order to comprehend what the apple is. We assign it properties to aid the process of differentiating it from other objects in the universe, and in so doing distort its actual form. The same is true of time. Measuring it, is like looking at a text through a magnifying glass; the font appears larger and more detailed, and indeed it is from our point of view. The reality of the situation is however that the text is a lot smaller in it's innate form. Our synthesis of time into units (seconds, days, years etc...) provides regularity to a process that is both imperfect and relative. We construct a reality that doesn't neccessarily reflect the substancial truth.

Profit Propulsion, Nuclear Convulsion

Profit propelled greed always precedes logic. How else does one explain the numerous nuclear power stations that have been constructed along and on known fault lines and quake zones around the world ?

Chernobyl and Fukushima have taught us squat all about sustainability and the need to put the safety of the general population before the insatiable desires of the materialistic and fetishistic corporate elite who rule the world with a dollar-bill scepter.

In the case of Chernobyl, the indignant arrogance of Soviet social structure at the time was the main cause behind the worst nuclear disaster to hit the planet since the inception of nuclear fission. In Fukushima's case, shortsightedness seems to have been the catalyst of a situation that is still simmering menacingly and dangerously before the eyes of the world. The sophomoric stupidity inherent in constructing a time bomb on shifting tectonic plates seemed too complex a construct for the scientific wizardry that designed Fukushima and numerous other nuclear time bombs the world over. In all cases of nuclear plant development, the ideas of the corporate Bourgeoise have prevailed over common sense and the wellbeing of the proleteriat, indeed of the entirety of all society.

Unlike the 3 little pigs, we cannot simply run from our shoddily constructed straw house to another shabby stick construction before eventually taking shelter in a properly designed brick fort. There is no planet B yet all the same, we have no plan B, no plan at all for that matter.

When the Titanic sunk, the band on board kept on strumming till the very end and sunk, singing and strumming in the arctic depths. The world today is having an absolute blast and we seem to be singing and strumming, just like the band did on the Titanic. Just like that band, we too are sinking, slowly if not surely into the waters of the melting arctic, having ignored any calls for reasoning and thoughtfullness in the wake of our venture through space and time. The carcinogenic perils of nuclear armament, nuclear power, materialism, consumerism, protectionism, sedentarism, classism and social inequality form the iceberg that we are on a collision course towards.

Enough with cynicism then ! Let's at least make sure we have one hell of party while we're at it. Let us (quite literally) party like there is no tomorrow. I never did like hangovers anyway.

mandag den 21. marts 2011

Nuclear Energy: Friend or Foe

There's been rather a lot of talk about the Fukushima nuclear power plant of late. Naturally, numerous comparisons have been drawn between the developments in Fukushima and The former Soviet Union's catastrophic Chernobyl episode of 1986. Nuclear physics can be quite intimidating to understand, so here's a relatively simple elucidation of exactly what happened.

torsdag den 17. marts 2011

On an Insomnia train bound south

Bored amongst the brethren beaten, beneath the bequeathed and benign. Time stands still and the ticking tinge and twirl of transcendence ascends to cadence. Condensed, cold, calm and composed like withering white whirlwinds of scarlet snow outside my window wooded and withdrawn from the vissisitudes of the past, the cast, the senescent and the present.

On an Insomnia train bound south...

Nicole Moudaber at Culture Box

Copenhagen's veritable bastion of all music electronic and techno celebrates the 4th birthday of the city's only exclusively house music night, What Happens, this Saturday. Headlining the marquee event is none other than Nicole Moudaber, the charming, eccentric-haired starlet that's been turning heads on the electronic music scene for the last couple of years.

Carl Cox himself is an ardent admirer of Moudaber, who he proclaimed was the most underrated DJ of 2009. Coming from the King of Ibiza himself, that's quite a compliment. I'm eager to see if she fits the bill and lives up to the lofty, billowing clouds of hype that surround her. Supporting her on the night is the grand old man of Danish house music, Tim Andresen, who has got a string of successful new releases on Beatport that should light up his set quite flamboyantly indeed. Danish Dj of the year 2010, Massimo and the erstwhile Chris Minus are also set to light things up on Saturday, so there's certainly no shortage of talent for what looks to be an absolute thriller of an event.

Check out the Facebook event via:

Nicole ripping it up at Space, Ibiza earlier this year.

Tim Andresen's lively new single "Arsay" a tune which has been reeling in quite a few kudus on the house scene of late.

søndag den 13. marts 2011

Paris mon amour

Dear Paris

I could tell you that you make me feel on top of the world and that life has never been better, yet even so my friend, I would tell you but a fraction of what my thoughts are, convey to your discerning ears a mere shudder of the quake that trembles within me. The spring colours sing softly to my thoughts; the dainty kiss of the departing winter, the gentle thud of spring landing.

You have received me well, as you always do and we have wined, dined, defined and redefined as indeed we always do. I find you in pleasant health, bursting at the seams with energy and sophistication. Yet your sultry and cynical nature doth manifest themselves every now and again, but not for long enough for me to forget the love we share. As grass green and gentle to the scorching southern sun, I need you by day and I love you by night, I dance in the heat of our romance and shudder in your absence.

I am home again amongst the shadows that lay claim to me. They embrace me with plush sincerity, content to see me in their own special way as indeed I am to see them. Invariably, my heart is heavy and aloof, for Paris grand and gorgeous I miss you so. Till the next time we meet mon cherie, a teary adieu to you I bid.

Merci beaucoup Paris, I am yours forever.

C’est sûr que j’en mourrais,Que j’en mourrais d’amour, Mon amour, mon amour...


I can think of few activities that nourish the creative mind more than a trip to the culture capital of the world, Paris, France.

One realises how much one has missed out on every single time one goes back to the French capital. This was true of my just concluded 4 day excursion, as it was for the last time I was there.

Vivre Paris

More to follow...

søndag den 6. marts 2011

Random Sunday musing

Artwork by the Danish artist Lisa Harlev. Lisa's work focuses on ethnic and social issues within modern day society. This piece is food for thought for the nationalistic and the cynical alike. Perhaps the words of the mixed race- writer Jayne Ifekwinigwe serve as an appropriate condensation of the aforementioned artwork. "Africa,Sud America, Britain, North America. Many may claim me but no one can really own me" On a day when provisional polls in France indicate that Marie Le Penn, the leader of the far right movement, The French National Front is as things stand in a favourable position to be a genuine contender for presidency in 2012, the need for individuals to have an identity that is truly theirs and not that of the overarching political hegemony of the state is very imminent.

The Week That's Been in Music II

The first signs of the approaching spring are slowly and determinedly pushing the ice and cold of the dying winter into submission. The sun is shining with a vehement glint that's carving all manner of interesting shapes and figures on the cracking blueish-grey ice blocks that remain scattered across many a water body.

The ten tracks of my week... Enjoy

1) Bomba Estereo : "La Boquilla." The "Electro Vacilón" (Tropical Electro) Colombian band of the moment Bomba Estereo doing what they do best. Tropical, catchy beats laced with powerful, sensual lyrics; a welcome chant for the arrival of the summer sun.

2) Kumi: "Stargazer." One of the most exciting names in the development of Kenyan electronic music, Kumi, with a rather different track to the driven trance he usually produces. Stargazer is a rather contemplative, laid-back rendition riddled with dreamy, enchanting vocals that crisscross very well with simple, structured beat sequences.

3) Tapis Rouge : "Africa" (Cottonbelly remix.) : The vocals are what stand out most in this tune, punctuated by crooked, catchy string istruments that give it a rather unique identity.

4) Le Cirque de soleil : "Le Reveur" (Thievery Corporation remix. )Powerful Middle Eastern chants that create an endearing, eathereal endlessness that captivates, enchants and seduces.

5) Jerome Isma- Ae: "Underwater Love." A tune that one might easily expect to hear in the background of a spell-binding movie scene. Great stuff from the Munich-based progressive house head honcho, Jerome Isma-Ae

6) Mix n Blend feat Bosko Popovac : "Narona" (The second track in the list below) : Drum n bass laced with a stinging dose of guitar strings straight from the slopes of Table Mountain, South Africa. A stand-alone take on a genre that still remains unheeded and uncredited globally.

7) Figura : "Ze Bula" Perfect losers remix

Raw, rude Kuduro that borrows from Kizomba and electro influences fused with in-your face Portuguese lyrics from Angola. This may well be one of the most seismic Kuduro tunes of the day.

8) Da Weasel feat Buraka Som Sistema "Dialectos De Ternura" : Speaking of Kuduro, here's an esrtwhile stormer that never gets old. The Kings of Kuduro themselves, Buraka Som Sistema team up with the notorious grand old men of Portuguese rap, Da Weasel. The result ? Boundary breaking genius.

9) Locomondo : "Τ'αγοράκια ξενυχτάνε με" I wouldn't for the life of me be able to tell you the English name for this wild tune from the Athens-based ska / reggae septet. This revives memories of summer festivals and the never ending scorching southern sun

10) Camo & Krooked "Climax" The perfect climax to end this version of the series. Stinging drum n bass simplicity from the Viennese duo Camo & Crooked. It's little wonder that these lads have achieved as much recognition as they have within the drum n bass world !

fredag den 4. marts 2011

Paintings Misc

May green be the grass you tread on, may blue be the skies above you. Avec l'amour por toujours.

The seven shades of love in the lens of a rainbow.

torsdag den 3. marts 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility

Altruistic Ethics In Action

I love the manner in which multinational enterprises jump at the opportunity to be associated with positive publicity that casts their purely money-driven corporate philosophies in a more appealing guise to their unquestioning, highly-gullible customer base. Corporate social responsibility has become the latest fashion trend on the commerce catwalk and like much of fashion itself, only serves to mask the banal and basic truth underneath all the swagger and sophistication. The truth is, multi million dollar giants such as Van De Kaap, Shell, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Nokia, Toyota and so on care very little for the interests of the impoverished Tricontinental inhabitant (Tricontinental is a literary substitute for "the third world") but will happily pretend that they do if doing so casts them in a better light to their customers.

Just how much the clothes retailer "United Colours of Benetton" and electronic giant "Sony" care abut the interests of the proletariat and the downtrodden in global society (i.e. the majority of Tricontinental states and their subjects) is up for open debate. However, the company does have an established and controversialist history of provoking the norms by which the world is governed through its advertising and branding campaigns. The question to ask when one looks at the following set of campaign pictures from United Colours of Benetton and Sony is whether they'd make any difference whatsoever if all the subjects that feature in them were of the same ethnic composition. The fact that they have been as provoking as they are ratifies and explains the discomfort that many feel about the idea of racial heterogenity and solidifies the notion that the majority of political and economic power is concentrated in the hands of a particular group of society who've built a cultural hegemony that suits their own interests at the expense of greater gains that could be made for the good of all society.

The following pictures are taken from various advertising campaigns from the clothes retailer, United Colours of Benetton and Sony. United Colours of Benetton advertisements have, for the last couple of decades been anchored on images to promote peace, tolerance, multiculturalism and to challenge stereotypes.

The altruistic or genuine motives of such a campaign are debatable. They do however transcend the purely profit- driven commerical campaigns of the majority of large multinationals, many of whom simply flirt with the notion of encouraging togetherness through branding through the pseudo idealism of a banal advert that reeks of cash-seeking intent and does little to provoke the fundamental stereotypes that our world is plagued by.

Sony Playstation Controversy part 1: The battle of the races ?

Sony Playstation Controversy part II : The battle of the races ?

United Colours Of Benetton: Black mother breastfeeding white baby. This is arguably the most controversial of all UCB ads. Take away the difference in colour between the two subjects in the picture and there's no issue whatsoever. We live in a world tainted in the idiocy of mankind's inability to his judge his fellows on terms that are not exclusively and solely based on skin pigment.

UCB: Large White palm overshadowing a smaller, child-likeBlack hand. Reflects global social hegemony in a world that is oddly enough termed postcolonial for the most part.

UCB: Black and White bound together in handcuffs. The forced coexistence of separate forms of interpreting the world ?

UCB: Black, White & Yellow hearts, all of which are identical to each other. Mankind stems from the same core genetic structure, unlike other organisms such as monkeys and birds, who oddly enough even though they are physically extremely different from each other (certainly more than one human being is from another) do not deliberately and with predetermined motive specifically hunt down and kill each other based on criteria that has anything to do with their physical attributes (colour included.) Who are we to say that we are the most intelligent race on this planet ? We haven't even gotten past the notion of accepting all the different versions of ourselves which is rather elemental if not wholeheartedly daft!

UCB : A swipe at religious conformity. Love transcends the banal and inconclusive rules and norms that various parts of human society have attempted to codify.
UCB: The world is a melting pot of different races and peoples that are bound inseperably.

UCB add in which the white child is depicted as angelic and divine whilst the black child is elucidated as devlish if not cynical. Invariably, they are both bound to each other. This is a parody on the hegemony of the current world order which does everything it can to come across as being fair, just and superior when compared to those who are subjugated by it.

UCD: A Black, White and Asian child each with their tongues' stuck out. This ad was banned in the Arab states where advertisements are foribidden from depicting internal organs. The children seem to be cheekily mocking the social norms of our world, i.e. that racial differences are something that the better nature of man (if such a construct even exists) ought to look beyond.