fredag den 25. marts 2011

Profit Propulsion, Nuclear Convulsion

Profit propelled greed always precedes logic. How else does one explain the numerous nuclear power stations that have been constructed along and on known fault lines and quake zones around the world ?

Chernobyl and Fukushima have taught us squat all about sustainability and the need to put the safety of the general population before the insatiable desires of the materialistic and fetishistic corporate elite who rule the world with a dollar-bill scepter.

In the case of Chernobyl, the indignant arrogance of Soviet social structure at the time was the main cause behind the worst nuclear disaster to hit the planet since the inception of nuclear fission. In Fukushima's case, shortsightedness seems to have been the catalyst of a situation that is still simmering menacingly and dangerously before the eyes of the world. The sophomoric stupidity inherent in constructing a time bomb on shifting tectonic plates seemed too complex a construct for the scientific wizardry that designed Fukushima and numerous other nuclear time bombs the world over. In all cases of nuclear plant development, the ideas of the corporate Bourgeoise have prevailed over common sense and the wellbeing of the proleteriat, indeed of the entirety of all society.

Unlike the 3 little pigs, we cannot simply run from our shoddily constructed straw house to another shabby stick construction before eventually taking shelter in a properly designed brick fort. There is no planet B yet all the same, we have no plan B, no plan at all for that matter.

When the Titanic sunk, the band on board kept on strumming till the very end and sunk, singing and strumming in the arctic depths. The world today is having an absolute blast and we seem to be singing and strumming, just like the band did on the Titanic. Just like that band, we too are sinking, slowly if not surely into the waters of the melting arctic, having ignored any calls for reasoning and thoughtfullness in the wake of our venture through space and time. The carcinogenic perils of nuclear armament, nuclear power, materialism, consumerism, protectionism, sedentarism, classism and social inequality form the iceberg that we are on a collision course towards.

Enough with cynicism then ! Let's at least make sure we have one hell of party while we're at it. Let us (quite literally) party like there is no tomorrow. I never did like hangovers anyway.

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