søndag den 30. oktober 2011

The Papaya Mag launches online radio station

Morning world !

Here's a side project i've been working on for a while ! The Papaya magazine has finally got its radio station up and running. Check us out at :


lørdag den 29. oktober 2011

The human predicament

I'm in the middle of working on a bit of an arty project at the minute, so my blog time is a tad limited. I did however happen to stumble across a hilarious Youtube video which i'd like to share. It's as comical as it is philosophically sound. Ladies and Gents, the human condition.

mandag den 24. oktober 2011

Vesterbro on a sunny autumn day

It is with foliage as it is with many things in life, for it is at its most radiant just before it dies. The colours of the trees and vegetation in the autumn fascinate me, moreso in the light of the distant, fading sun. So too do people at this time of year, as we long for the bygone summer, start worrying about Christmas and the impending winter and begin to fade with the shortened days and the dropping temperatures. 

Vesterbro on a sunny autumn day. 

søndag den 23. oktober 2011

Occupy Wall Street Copenhagen

Denmark's socialist and democratic ways have given this nation less reason to pursue the cause of taking the world back from the social elite with as much intensity than countries such as The United States of America. The political spectrum in this country is one that allows for a great deal of empowerment to the working class individual and as such, there is less cause to steal back from the rich to feed the poor. This notwithstanding, a decade of right and centre-right politics has seen an unprecedented rise in tax cuts and economic incentives for the wealthy. As a consequence, Denmark is nowhere nearly as socialist a nation as we once were. 

There is reason to believe that the centre-left coalition that recently assumed the reigns of power in the general election will put a firm stop to the de-socialisation of the Danish welfare state.  It is up to the ordinary man though, and indeed to you and I to ensure that they do so. 

The Occupy Wall street movement has not been nearly as prolific in Denmark as it's been in The States and other nations. A small yet partisan group of people have however ensured the representation of the movement in the nation's capital. Here are some shots from Saturday's demo in the central square. 

As a side-note to this article, I found it interesting that the most popular video hit when one types "Occupy Wall Street" on youtube is a right wing manifesto against the movement. This tragic fact is in itself tangible proof of there not being complete transparency with regard to freedom of expression. Where are all the videos of people fighting against the system for their rights ? The Western world casts a scornful eye at China and its laws against freedom of expression on Youtube, as if it is any better itself! Clearly, the fight for a better world is only just beginning. 

tirsdag den 18. oktober 2011

The last of London

Here are the last of my pictures from my recent visit to the English capital. There are shots from several intriguing exhibitions at Chelsea's Saachi Gallery, the endearing Camden town market, Kensington gardens and a single night shot of the London eye staring avidly at the serene night. 

mandag den 17. oktober 2011

Cold, quaint Edinburgh

A saunter through the quaint, quiet streets of Edinburgh on a cold autumn day.  

søndag den 16. oktober 2011

London by night

London by night; an inspiring cocktail of emotions that never ceases to impress, even on a cold autumn evening. I had quite a bit of fun playing with the shutter speed in these pics, whilst trying to keep my canon as still as possible in the billowing wind to avoid distorting the final shots. It was not as straightforward as it seems, but after a few attempts, I finally managed to get something that could be used.