søndag den 29. maj 2011

She's a rainbow

The elusiveness of feeling, true feeling. One finds it one day or another, and it's magnanimous, stately and beyond description. In the snap of a second turning and writing its history to the world, the moment is gone, lost, vanished as quick as it came, save for in the heart, for there history never dies, never fades. In the heart, it's a process, a process in the weather of the heart.

From the fumbled state of this festive twist, comes the dawn, bright, breezy and bold, a wandering nomad in the mist.
The air is thick with ash and fog from the bygone night, a lingering pattern of wispy plumes and dreamy shades.
She's in a void, past the trapdoors of perception, beneath the ether, she is the ether, the pale, rain-wrecked grey of the day before.
She's knotted into the neatly woven fabric of the night, beneath the flowing seams of the subconscious afore.
Her eyes hold the stars of the fading night, the dreams of her forefathers and their kin before them,
She is the rain and the drop, the bass, the alto, the nervous, the stable , the yang, the ying, the paint strokes, the fluttering shudder that shaded them.
She's the pale, the pitch, the string, the stitch. She's my whole world and i'm but a flicker in the dancing shadows of her moonlit life.

Por una persona muy especial. Gracias.

fredag den 27. maj 2011

Music matters

There's nothing quite like the scintillating stab of a sexy synth (how nerdy ! ) "16 beat Lolita's" can't seem to put a foot wrong as far as their productions these days are concerned. The dutch maestros are a world apart when it comes to their take on progressive House, which these days according to Beatport encapsulates the artistic productions of all manner of controversial contributors (such as The Swedish House Mafia.) The aforementioned rollicking Swedes have vociferously condemned the commercialisation of the house music genre yet ironic as it may seem, they evoke quite a significant following for their blend of popular house music which has seen collaborations with mainstream artists such as of Deborah Cox take place.

See article:

"Swedish House Mafia wage war"


Whilst the Mafia mastros have certainly taken the party to the masses and are quite adept at what they do (no one doubts their talents,) quite how they manage to point fingers about the commercialisation of House music is a wonder only they comprehend. Even more bewildering is Beatport's decision to classify a lot of The Swedish House Mafia's music as Progressive House, and the same goes for the pop-rich tunes of Mr top of the pops himself, a certain David Guetta. Just in case there was any doubt as to what proper Progressive sounds like,  here's a tune that epitomises the genre rather well, the strangely named, "Perry & Peggy have twins" Scintillating, stabbing synth genius !

torsdag den 26. maj 2011

Valby, graff and toads

A sequence of graff-laden tunnels near Valby station, an innocent scooter in the concrete abyss two toads enjoying the warm air of the spring night and a sweet house dancing with the light of  the spring noon. 

Wandering Around Amager

A few shots from an early evening saunter through Amager. The photos of the street art are all from the wall that runs parallel to the Island's Brygge metro station.

"In Memory of you" An ember in the heart of the cuckoo's nest 

Light at the end of the psychedelic tunnel

Bikuben Kollegiet. Bright n breezy

Space station I

Space station II

The world's first interactive bench. 

søndag den 22. maj 2011

Tietgen chill

The dance of the modern in the arms of the antiquated. Wandering in the concrete colosseum, amongst lamp standards, keyboards, glass frames, panes and light. 

Jailed in chords  

Eureka !

Lamp standards and chords

Multidimensional simplicity I

The distortion of foliage, through the looking glass.

The Wright to fly

Turtle migration, the density of the concrete jungle 

There's nothing interesting on tele these days. Has there ever been ? Reflections of the self in the panorama of tele culture.

The bewilderment of the shadows

The symmetry of imperfection

Inanimate life in still shades 

Jørgens metaphysical reflections. Suicidal thoughts

The twilight kiss

Dicing the shadows of the twilight.

Six shades of simplicity


 Chasing the setting sun.

Planet B

There is no planet B (I)

There is no planet B (II)

In tune with the rebel martians.

Tietgen's colosseum I

Entering the arena 

The dance of the setting sun.

The concrete Amazon I

The concrete Amazon II