fredag den 27. maj 2011

Music matters

There's nothing quite like the scintillating stab of a sexy synth (how nerdy ! ) "16 beat Lolita's" can't seem to put a foot wrong as far as their productions these days are concerned. The dutch maestros are a world apart when it comes to their take on progressive House, which these days according to Beatport encapsulates the artistic productions of all manner of controversial contributors (such as The Swedish House Mafia.) The aforementioned rollicking Swedes have vociferously condemned the commercialisation of the house music genre yet ironic as it may seem, they evoke quite a significant following for their blend of popular house music which has seen collaborations with mainstream artists such as of Deborah Cox take place.

See article:

"Swedish House Mafia wage war"

Whilst the Mafia mastros have certainly taken the party to the masses and are quite adept at what they do (no one doubts their talents,) quite how they manage to point fingers about the commercialisation of House music is a wonder only they comprehend. Even more bewildering is Beatport's decision to classify a lot of The Swedish House Mafia's music as Progressive House, and the same goes for the pop-rich tunes of Mr top of the pops himself, a certain David Guetta. Just in case there was any doubt as to what proper Progressive sounds like,  here's a tune that epitomises the genre rather well, the strangely named, "Perry & Peggy have twins" Scintillating, stabbing synth genius !

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