søndag den 28. august 2011

EOCEAN At Løve's Cafe

The experience of watching a relatively unknown band play at an intimate venue is unlike any other sensation.  I was lucky enough to stumble upon a pair of amazing musicians playing at Løve's cafe yesterday afternoon and I was deeply touched by their sentimental and at times jovial multi-instrumental folk music.  EOCEAN have just started out on a tour of Europe, so you may well end up seeing them in some secret bohemian or intimate location in a city near you quite soon. Check out their myspace page for tour dates and tracks. Be sure to listen to the endearing, spirited tune "Ballon" at the end of the track listings.

fredag den 26. august 2011

No Known Cause.

" We live our lives side by side, thin plaster walls dividing our existence. In "No Known Cause" new rules apply. A combination of performance, video and installation creates an alternative and distorted reality. Absurd meetings occur, conversations out of sync, you are a guest in the nature of your life. "

"No Known Cause" has to be one of the most intriguing, most engaging theatre productions i've ever seen. The one hour long production has been scaring, captivating and pleasing theatre lovers and other enthusiasts for the past week or so, staged at the endearing industrial surroundings of the Ny Tap hall, outside Carlsberg's factory by Enghave station.  Part of The Metropolis festival for art and performance in Urban Space, "No known Cause" leads its spectators through the journey of a young man and his elation, sorrow, dilemmas, actions and reactions. In keeping with previous productions by the exciting Wunderkammer artistic collective, the audience are part and parcel of the plot of the piece. This particular production shepherds its audience through a series of hazy dreams and graphic sequences that epitomise and accentuate the fragility and significance of life.  Be prepared to be  guests in the ever-evolving patterns of your wandering lives !

Be sure to check out the remaining shows of the production, tonight, next Wednesday and next Thursday.



tirsdag den 23. august 2011

Dreams in the shade of Crete Part II

The last of the pictures from my Cretan escapades.  Cretan sunrises and sundowns are some of the most spectacular i've ever seen. The whole world seems to stand still, hush and limp as the sun exits or appears imposingly over the horizon. I tried to capture this, if only partially through the lens of my camera though ultimately no picture nor eloquent language could ever replicate such resplendent moments. I've also included a few shots of my first attempt at taking photos over half a minute or more worth of shutter speed and a song by Nikos Xilouris, the bygone archangel of Cretan music whose house I was fortunate enough to visit whilst wandering around in the mountains West of Heraklion. The hospitality that was shown towards my travel companions and myself whilst we traipsed around the mountain villages of Anogeia and Zoniana made a deep and lasting impact on my life. Crete for me was epitomised most imminently in these rustic settlements where I wined, dined and listened to traditional Cretan music with gunshots ringing in the background in tandem with the pronounced, poignant sounds of the lyra in the foreground of the musical landscape. The manner in which those we met invited us into their establishments and shared their food and drink with us for no charge will forever linger in my memory.  The comparitive selfishness of other societies in the world endowed (or cursed) with a lot more wealth (monetarily that is) became all the more obvious after my escapades in Crete, which added to travels through Portugal and Spain only serve to accentuate my affection for The Mediterranean and its homely people and culture.

Efharistoomay Κρήτη, Thank you Crete ! 

mandag den 22. august 2011

Dreams in the shade of Crete Part I

I finally managed to edit and process the last of my pictures from Crete. Here's the first batch of them. 

Heraklion harbour

Church in Retymnon, the interior of which is resplendent and immaculate

The tomb of Nikos Kazantzakis, Heraklion

The tomb of Nikos Kazantzakis, Heraklion II

Knossos I

Knossos II

Karpouzi (Watermelon) on the highway

Sunset in Rethymnon

Scenaria beach, Southern Crete

Scenaria beach, Southern Crete II

By the shores of lake Kournas

Stuffed wine leaves and Dhakos at Marko's restaurant on the shores of lake Kournas

Knives on display at a shop in Xania

Salted sardines at an undisclosed restaurant in Reythmnon
Crete's southern shoreline

Plakias beach

Beach party, Plakias beach I

Beach party, Plakias beach II

Beach party, Plakias beach III

Beach party, Plakias beach IV

Beach party, Plakias beach V

Beach party, Plakias beach VI

 Beach party, Plakias beach VI I

 Beach party, Plakias beach VI I

 Beach party, Plakias beach IX

 Beach party, Plakias beach X

mandag den 15. august 2011

Shades of summer

The skies are grey and heavy with the scent of rainfall. Summer seems to be but a bygone pilgrim, a warm nomad whose presence lit up our lives and brightened our doorway for the brief time she was here for. Yet the trees are still lush and full of life and the blue patches of sky that peer through the cloud swirls above have never been brigter. Here are some shots of what's been and gone. 

Sundown in Valby

Hanging with 3 amicable Lithuanian buskers and EBDK

Stella Polaris 2011

Hanny & Luna. at Stella Polaris 2011

The Danish monsoon

Summer turned inside out
The dawn.