tirsdag den 31. januar 2012


Winter tends to bring out the worst in people around here- I find myself wondering how people who are for the most part cheery souls for most of the year can be so shattered by the weather conditions. I still feel there's a certain charm to winter, despite the cold and the darkness, particularly now, with the sun high in the sky, bathing the icy, snow-clad landscape in a brilliant, enigmatic glow that radiates with the promise of the approaching spring.  So why the damp spirits ? Viva La Vida ! Or is this revoltingly idealistic ?  Here's a poem for my friends, keep hoping for the best and live life to the fullest !

Send me into comatose,
My thoughts vilified,
I feel shattered
Broken, bent, benign
Misconstrued from the dreary genesis of life
I remain void, devoid yet deft
The world shall see me yet.  


mandag den 30. januar 2012

Tainted dreams and shaded scenes

Take me back to the humble staccato pulse of my wandering soul 
To the genesis of all my hopes, my dreams, my stuttering crawl 

To where the sun shines bright and the tide roars in and kisses my sand-stained feet 
To the dusty , wispy spirals of smoke  down life everlasting, a one way street. 

onsdag den 25. januar 2012

Wake up people !

Fact: Mike Romney, the Republican candidate for this year's election is a multimillionaire who pays 14% less in tax than the average American. Econ crisis my foot- the wealth of the people has simply been amassed by the degenerate horde of charlatans and thugs we elect to govern the scheme of things. Wake up world !

Coalition Of The Willing from coalitionfilm on Vimeo.

lørdag den 21. januar 2012


I'm scared of the sound of silence
Of the sound of not expressing myself
Musically, artistically, consciously, subconsciously
As long as i'm in the light, where it's warm
Where life sings to me in dreamy chords and distant whispers
I'm happy, In a musical comatose that seduces my nerves
For I feel unplugged and disassociated from cultural constructivism
I'm back to my core, to being a part of seven million others here
In this dreamy universe of stanzas and octaves, paint strokes and genuine smiles
I feel alone and void whenever I'm not in this state of comatose,
When i'm not trying to kill my feelings to fit in with the rest of society
For in this place, my naivety and fragility wonder freely
They do not get accosted and waylaid by the wayside by greed and cruelty
I'm at one with the sunrise and at peace with the crimson sundown
I embrace imperfection and we laugh and sing together in boundless continuity
And nothing really matters, I'm caught in a moment and it's special
Eternal and unlike anything the real world could ever offer

What language do YOU think in ? Music ? English ? Art ? Humanity ? French ? Danish ? Spanish ? Music ? Feeling ? Light ? Colour ?

Thank you Piano Guys, for sharing a part of your soul.

Music Is My Ecstasy

Music is my ecstasy,
My drug of choice
The central square of my spacious voice
I'm warped, bent
Twisted in lent
and confused at Christmas
Waylaid by this fantasy
The dreamy, wispy plumes of choice
I'm meandering, sweeping
Hidden in spring
and alive in summer

Music is my ecstasy 

onsdag den 18. januar 2012

Niki & The Dove: Swedish Electropop On The Offensive.


The massively hyped Swedish Electropop trio Niki & The Dove have got off to a sprinting start in 2012. Having finished fifth in the prestigious BBC Sound of 2012 award, the pop-inclined electro Swedes brought their cheeky blend of music to Lille Vega last night in a concert that turned out be quite an endearing affair.

With the frenzy of the festive period still hanging heavily in the frosty January air, Niki & The Dove were the perfect cure for the Christmas and New Year's eve hangover that many of us find ourselves caught up in. The trio were energetic, enterprising and at times even enigmatic in a performance that saw them predominantly play tracks off their charismatic debut album, “The Drummer.”

The purely instrumental “Sundog” got things going with its enchanting peculiarity, before last year's single “The Fox” gave lead singer Malin Dahlström an opportunity to showcase her sharp vocals, aided by a heavy-set vocoder that cut through Lille Vega like a knife through butter. Signature tune “The Drummer” was next in the lineup and got a few feet moving with its heavy Depeche mode -esque synth stabs alongside clear vocals whilst at the same time providing a welcome break to the more lackadaisical sounds of the band. This witty shift was something of a constant throughout the concert, yielding a fusion that sounded like a daring blend of vintage synth poppers “The Knife” and Brit diva “Kate Bush”

As things progressed however, awkward lengthy silences between tracks and a rather unenthused crowd put a bit of a damper on the proceedings. And whilst the charming Malin Dahlström did her bit to warm quite a few hearts with her poetic interjections in between songs, one was ultimately left with a sense of unfulfilled expectation and indeed a longing for some missing ingredient in the performance. Whether this was due to the blasé crowd or to the performance of the trio is hard to tell. What is certain though is that this is definitely a band to watch out for in 2012, a year that may well see the trio join the Scandinavian pop offensive as they follow in the footsteps of the likes of “The Knife,” “Robyn” and “Fever Ray.”

tirsdag den 17. januar 2012

New Papapya Mag Out: Jan edition

The latest version of Roskilde University's Papaya Magazine is out ! Focus in this issue is on hope in the midst of the current economic crisis. Screw the cynics who think 2012 is going to be worse than last year.  There are interviews with What Happens Label Boss Tim Andresen, Flying Films Movie Director Kristian Håskjold, generative artist Kasia Stangrecka and pictures by Supriya Kolandevelu and Aina Poicello Mas. Check it out, for free at


If you're interested in writing an article for the next issue, drop a line at thepapayajournal@gmail.com.

mandag den 16. januar 2012

The Magic of everyday life

I can feel everything this blank sheet of paper has ever been through
The sands of time seem to resonate through it, sneaking
Almost serpentine-like through visceral life

It's almost as if I need the music to stop every now and again
I need to hear the sound of silence,
My restlessness dancing with the vast blank night
The laughs and anxiety in the air
The sound of freedom tap-dancing somewhere far away

søndag den 15. januar 2012

The Greek Man From Pakistan

A comedy about a man who is subjected to verbal taunting based on his appearance. Ironically, he's actually Greek, not Pakistani, but gets bundled into the sort of social stereotyping that takes place every day in numerous societies in the world.

lørdag den 14. januar 2012

The Synesthetic Dreamworld: Wanderings of The Heart Through Poetry and Photography

I finally did something i've been wanting to do for a really long time now. I've finished compiling My book, "The Synesthetic Dreamworld: Wanderings of The Heart Through Poetry and Photography" which I intend to get published soon. You can catch a free version of it by clicking on the link below. I am quite nervous about it, since a lot of the poems are quite personal but I hope they bring encouragement and hope to whoever reads them.

tirsdag den 10. januar 2012

Back Deejaying

After almost 2 years away from Deejaying as I explored other pursuits such as photography and concentrated on my poetry, I can no longer bear not playing music on a frequent basis. After not having made a set for the longest time, I realise now just how much it meant and perhaps always will. I feel alive when I play, connected to life through the music at my fingertips and to the people around me therein. This vivid sensation of life almost certainly dies a death of sorts when I'm not playing; then i'm usually plugged back into the system- a brain in a vat just comme il faut.

Here's a link to my latest Deep House mix on Soundcloud, Dark Bourbon. Enjoy !

 Mutuk5 Bourbon by Papaya Breeze

What Would It Mean ?

What would it mean if one could hear the flutter of a butterfly’s wings on a dreamy day ?
The whispers of warm winds into tranquil bays
What would it mean if one could paint the wealth of a generous heart ?
Or the thoughts of a beast struck with a poisoned dart
What would it mean if one could hear the screams of a tree chopped down ?
The strains and dissatisfactions of a polluted town
What would it mean if one could paint the passion of a dying saint ?
The tranquillity of peace ever so faint
What would it mean if one could see these things ?
Empathize with their instances as human beings
So broad the gate, so faint the canvas

mandag den 9. januar 2012

The star starved night

Intertwined between feuds of sapping fatigue
The day has passed with all its intrigue
And the tar-lit, star-starved night has ventured out
with its perils and its cold
the tales of the unforseen and of the aged, the old
Autumns blue blush has all but vanished
A once efflorescent cacophony, now muffled, hushed.

fredag den 6. januar 2012

Pour le monde. For my world, our earth

Had I a wish, just one wish, I’d wish for her to live forever
To blossom like the brightest rose blossoms on the clearest of summer days
And flourish like the daffodils strewn across a paddock in the peak of spring
To coruscate with vividness as the freshly fallen leaves of autumn

Had I a wish, just one wish, I’d wish I’d wish to see her live forever
To bloom like the boldest desert orchid blooms under a sweltering sky
And flush like dune evening primroses scattered in staccato fashion
To charm with verve as the fleeting, fading snow flakes of winter  

Long live this beautiful planet we call home ! 

Scarlet Ricochet 

onsdag den 4. januar 2012

Eden in Paradise

Sometimes it seems as if the story of Adam and Eve was not merely a bygone tale from afar, but rather an everyday reality that manifests itself most evidently with every passing day. Earth or the world as we face her is a garden of Eden, perennially green and perennially adorned with lush excesses of light, love and colour and nourished with a sense of quintessential perfection. Man and Woman are the characters in this purlieus, a pair of anomalies in the natural world. Free will and the ability to rationalise are the emotional tools with which they wander wistfully into the world beyond. These are both their vices and vexations. The forbidden fruit is scientific “advancement”- our reckless desire to satisfy our curiosity and the consequent inability to pursue a means of soliciting good instead of pursuing comprehending the passing of the wind. With rationalisation comes ignorance and disbelief, a betrayal of instinct and an urge for falsehood in the name of clothing. Clothing here is not merely the desire to baffle, please, dominate and deny through ones attire. On a meta plane, the urge to clothe oneself is a tailored desire to hide the truth, to run from instinct by controlling and filtering it through the fabric of garment.

Just a thought...on a meta plane. 

Caught up in Imperfection

The weather is cold and erratic and the streets are cold, dark and bare, stripped of the decorations and people that crowded them with during the Christmas and New Year frenzy. I feel as if the best place to be is inside where it's warm and well lit, where the walls of this house pulsate with a heavenly aura. I'm playing my piano a lot to pass the time, untuned and out of sync as it were. I don't really know why I play, I just do, impulsively and without thought. Sometimes I wonder if it's even me that's playing, or whether it's a distant and forgotten part of a forgotten self in a forgotten time that's hammering away at the badly-tuned keys.

søndag den 1. januar 2012

Happy 2012 !

2012 is here ! The New Year's eve festivities shot by so fast, like a visceral blur on an immemorial section of a film reel. Happy NewYear to you all, wherever you are, whatever you're doing. I hope this year turns out to be fulfiling and most of all, fun !