mandag den 25. juli 2011

Copenhagen ♥ Oslo

Trying to find words to describe the merciless massacre of 86 innocent people that took place in Oslo and Utøya is next to impossible. The drastic tragedy that has befallen the peace-loving, liberal land of Norway will go down as one of the worst incidents in the history of the nation and forever live in infamy in the minds of everybody who witnessed it. 

Of particular concern, over and above the irreparable cruelty that has been inflicted upon an entire nation , is the radical right-wing sentiment that Anders Breivik cited as cause for his actions. His 1516 page long manifesto published hours before his undeterred rampage is a document that, in addition to speaking out against the idea of multicultural societies, draws inspiration from numerous far-right political parties, organisations and ideologies in modern day Europe. 

And whilst the actions of an individual that would stoop to such macabre a medium of airing his opinion cannot and should not be seen to represent anybody else's views other than his own, it is more obvious than ever before that the rise of the far-right in Europe is more prevalent now than it has been in over half a century. 

Politics aside, irrespective of his viewpoint, Breivik's actions were anything but the heroic moment of self glory that he hoped they would be. His brutality has shaken us all yet Norway has stood firm and steadfast as a nation in the wake of this unprecedented attack on her democratic ideals. The solidarity that has been shown all around Norway, Denmark and Sweden over the last few days is a clear a sign as any of the better nature in us all. It is this better nature that can and must prevail today and forevermore in the face of hatred, xenophobia and political ideals that threaten to overwhelm the progress of the societies within which we live. 

Thank you so much to the thousands that turned up at Gammeltorv, Copenhagen earlier today with candles, flowers and empathy.  The warmest of thoughts and the meekest of sentiments to dear Norway at this dark and decadent moment in world history. 

Copenhagen  ♥  Oslo

 maria mena "Mitt Lille Land" by maria mena

fredag den 22. juli 2011

Kill The Geek : The making of "Maybe Monday"

With the weather looking as frightful as it is at the moment, I found myself indoors yesterday evening in the company of a couple of friends who are working on their latest studio production. 

"Kill The Geek" are a newly established Copenhagen-based outfit specialising in minimalistic electronic productions laden with progressive and ambient influences.  Claus Sigesmundsen, a.k.a Zigges is the nerdier of the two "geeks," and oversees the more technical aspects of studio production whilst Gitte Hansen provides scope and insight to the process with her meticulosity and keen ears. 

"Maybe Monday" is the latest track in the duos ever-expanding repertoire; an ambient journey through the process of quitting cigarettes. Like many of Kill The Geek tunes, "Maybe Monday" is riddled with numerous catchy live samples and organic, self-made synths that add personality and flair to their productions.  

Here are the shots from the creative process behind the making of the track. Keep a lookout for it on Kill The Geek's soundcloud page, where it will be released in the near future. 

 Kill The Geek - Thunderfrog by Kill The Geek

 Kill The Geek - Copenhagen Sunset by Kill The Geek

More tracks from Kill The Geek on their soundcloud page :

Facebook page: (Remember to click on the "Like" tab if their productions jazz you )

tirsdag den 19. juli 2011

kalvebod Common

Kalvedbod common is an oasis of nature in the midst of the modern day development of the island of Amager and the Øresund region. Home to a bird protection area, young forests, swamplands and grazing areas, Kalvebod common provides an opportunity to seek peace and serenity, a stone throw away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Copenhagen.  Camped under a starlit sequence of dancing stars, with the glow of the glistening moon bisecting the kaleidoscope of colours from the oncoming dawn, still waters to my left and rustling thickets to my right, I felt as if I could have been anywhere in the world. 

mandag den 18. juli 2011

Random sincerity

Wandering through the urban canvas, amongst leafy shadows and serene scrap hinterlands in the heart of the pulsating city core. The witticism of life's tender moments, random, unplanned, shamefully honest.

Holly in the summer shades

Om shanti

Para mi hermano

Steel carnage

The invention of the wheel

Heart and soul in the foliage

Completely random. The goat that appeared from the flickers of the city mist

Big brother is not watching

The Invention of the wheel II

Playful Paka

Scrap serenity  

Insight I

Insight II

lørdag den 16. juli 2011

Allan Kortbaek & Edo Bottalico. Serendipity

Impromptu song by my mate Edo and I in the midst of the Roskilde festival, Thanks Oscar for the astounding camera work and commentary !

torsdag den 14. juli 2011

My Roskilde in Music : Names to watch out for Part II

Following up on part I, here's a list of several names to keep an eye out for over the next year or so:

Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae is a popstar of a different sort. Though parallels have been drawn between her and show queen Lady Gaga, Monae's push for her own unique identity shines through a lot more consistently than it does with the first lady of today's pop world.  Clad in a Tux and sporting the usual chic haircut that complements her juvenille looks and harmonic voice, Monae closed Roskilde festival's Cosmopol scene with an award winning performance that gave an indication as to why her 2010 album "ArchAndroid suites" has received as much praise as it has. Monae's self proclaimed identity as an android adds a geeky, entertaining element to  her music and showmanship which shines through every aspect of her work.


Afrocubism are a revelation in the genre of world music, fusing the musical influences of Buena Vista Social Club members with traditional West African musicianship in a combination that's garnered a fair deal of afficionados over time. Basic instruments such as the kora and the ngoni are given free reign in the lively, passionate music of Afrocubism, whose powerful vocals are complemented by detailed, varied  instrumentation strung skillfully together by the veteran maestros that compose the band.  Rich, rhythmic and rustic, Afrocubism are frontline ambassadors of contemporary traditional music.   

Dark Dark Dark

The music of Minneapolis sextet Dark Dark Dark is the sort of stuff one would expect to hear at the peak of an emotionally charged movie scene.  Grey's Anatomy have in fact used the band's most well known number, "Daydreaming" so don't be surprised if more of their music makes it onto the television screen in front of you. Soft, sentimental chamber folk featuring the piano, clarinet and banjo interspersed with poignant, piercing, spine-shingling lyrics just about describes what this band is all about, or does it ?

onsdag den 13. juli 2011

Charles Bradley Interview by "Sound Tracks'" Marco Werman

Soul legend-in-the-making "Charles Bradley" ladies and gentlemen. His life story in a few minutes, courtesy of Sound Tracks.

My Roskilde in Music : Names to watch out for Part I

As I wrote before, Roskilde 2011 was the year of the underdog, the year in which the Orange chart-toppers were ousted from the complete and utter dominion they tend to posses at the festival. 2011 saw stages like Cosmopol, Gloria and Arena shine and shimmer with the ambience of the less commercial and the underground. Orange did have its moments though, as anybody who saw Iron Maiden perform will tell you. Here's a selection of up and coming names to keep an eye on in the near future

Reptile & Retard

Several years ago, France's critically acclaimed electronic duo, "Justice," took the world by storm with their raging basslines and squelching synth sounds coupled with indie and rock influences. "We are your Friends" became an evergreen hit and the band were catapulted into the annals of history. France have got Justice and Denmark have been endowed with Reptile & Retard, two loons from Århus whose myspace page contains but one track as they haven't released an album yet. Following success in China thanks to being promoted by former Oasis manager Michael Ohlsson, Reptile & Retard took Roskilde's pavillon junior by the horns and flung the audience into a spellbinding 2 hours or so of sheer mayhem that culminated in the lead singer clambering onto the pilons supporting the stage before hurling himself into the crowd below. The duo are currently working on their debut album which will be produced by David M Allen, the same bloke behind numerous  tracks by "Depeche Mode" and "The Cure." The Orange scene is calling !

Nicholas Jaar

At just 21, Nicholas Jaar is nothing short of a music revelation. Jaar's organic, symphony-esque take on electronic music is as unique as it is spellbinding, comparable in many instances to the work of the likes of Andreas Trentemøller and Gui Borrato. Drawing influences from the likes of Erik Satie and Mulatu Astatke, Jaar blends strings simple beat structures and dreamy vocals together with the craftsmanship of a musical genius. Much can be expected from Jaar after his critically acclaimed concert that saw the New York based talent showcase his debut album "Space is only noise" to a partisan Cosmopol crowd.

Charles Bradley

Charles Bradley's tale is a cinderella story unlike any other. The "Screaming Eagle of soul" as he is commonly referred to, at the age of 62 released his first album "No Time for Dreaming" only earlier this year, after a lifetime as a struggling musician and cook. After spending most of his childhood living in appalling conditions on the streets of Brooklyn in the company of drug addicts and criminals, Bradley spent two decades as a chef in California whilst making music on a part-time basis. After being laid off, Bradley moved back to his native New York and became a handyman to allow himself more flexibility as a musician and at the age of 51 began to record his productions. Fast forward to 2011 and Bradley's debut album is racking up praise from music critics the world over as parallels between himself and the likes of soul legends such as Otis Reading, Curtis Mayfield and the seminal James Brown are drawn far and wide. Roskilde 2011 will remember Bradley for his charged, soul-filled concert that saw him break down in tears at the end of it all and the world will remember this music legend for a long time to come. What an inspirational figure!

tirsdag den 12. juli 2011

Photo Jamming. Friends and fun.

Snippets of summer life. Dreamweaving in the shadows, ballads of light and mystery.