tirsdag den 25. august 2009

Strøm @ Enghave park

If last year’s strøm festival was high octane, this year’s event can only be described as something out of this world. Electronic music and artistry seems to have been embraced by a lot more people who have discovered the magic behind it and in so doing, joined forces in being a part of its vivid legacy.

This was certainly true of the free concerts at Enghave park this weekend, where the likes of “The Field”, “Flying Lotus” , “Aeroplane”, “Troels Abrahamsen” and “Mary Anne Hobbs” got people in high spirits. Here’s a short recap of the highlights.

Much credit has to be given to Swedish cats “The Field” for their virtuoso antics on Friday, which got the crowd jumping with tasty cuts from their new album, the critically acclaimed “Yesterday and today” Spot-on mixing, and a real immersion on the part of the band was what sold them though; these blokes really know how to get the party started.

“Aeroplane” followed suit after “The Field” left the stage, opening with a sizzling remix of “Friendly Fires’” “Paris” tune, and building on from there. I personally think that this was the peak of the night, though many would argue that it was the ravey “Flying Lotus” and his garland of quirky arcade game sounds, trippy visualisations and jittery musical bits and bobs that took the show to its zenith. Alice Coltrane’s great nephew certainly has the musical gift, no doubt about that.

Saturday’s Enghave shenanigans featured “Olga Kouklaki” and her lively vocals overlayed by dreamy, deep musical accompaniments before Troels Abrahamsen took over the baton and delivered a rich, emotional assemblage that set the stage for the undisputed highlight of the night, Mary-Anne Hobbs. Dubstep is something of a new revolution in the UK, and an even scarcer commodity in Denmark; bearing witness to the effect Mary- Anne Hobbs’ chunky basslines and heavy-set amalgamations had on the crowd was an experience like no other. Radiant, charming and communicative, the radio one Dj was nothing short of a sensation, may will no doubt remember her as quite a standout as far as standouts go.

http://www.myspace.com/thefieldsthlm (“The Field”)

http://www.myspace.com/aeroplanemusiclove (“Aeroplane”)

http://www.myspace.com/flyinglotus (“Flying Lotus”)

http://www.myspace.com/olgakouklaki (“Olga Kouklaki”)

http://www.myspace.com/supertroelsmusic (“Troels Abrahamsen”)


http://www.myspace.com/maryannehobbs (“Mary-Anne Hobbs”)

Ladybug, Tim Andresen

Copenhagen's house head honcho Tim Andresen has just released his new single ladybug on Beatport. It's a synth-stained number that straddles the paddocks of deep house whilst adding a stylish bit of funk in the process. Worth a listen :)

Para todo todos

El General en Jefe del Ejército Libertador del Sur
Emiliano Zapata.
Manifiesto zapatista en náhuatl.
Al pueblo de México:
A los pueblos y gobiernos del mundo:
Nosotros nacimos de la noche. En ella vivimos. Moriremos en ella. Pero la luz será mañana para los más, para todos aquellos que hoy lloran la noche, para quienes se niega el día, Para todos la luz. Para todos todo.

Nuestra lucha es por hacernos escuchar, y el mal gobierno grita soberbia y tapa con cañones sus oídos.

Nuestra lucha es por un trabajo justo y digno, y el mal gobierno compra y vende cuerpos y vergenzas.

Nuestra lucha es por la vida, y el mal gobierno oferta muerte como futuro.

Nuestra lucha es por la justicia, y el mal gobierno se llena de criminales y asesinos.

Nuestra lucha es por la paz, y el mal gobierno anuncia guerra y destrucción.

Techo, tierra, trabajo, pan, salud, educación, independencia, democracia y libertad. Estas fueron nuestras demandas en la larga noche de los 500 años. Estas son, hoy, nuestras exigencias.