fredag den 30. april 2010

Sometimes it may seem melancholy on the surface

A musical homage to my childhood under the Savannah sun. To the shapes, shadows, scents and vivid colours that inspired me then as they do now. To the distant treeline on the horizon, lit by embers of the rising sun, to the crystalline sparkles of the morning dew on the green grass, to the feisty midday heat, the tranqulity of the twilight. To the diurnal cacophony of calimitious birds singing with their beaks pointed to the heavens and to the nocturnal symphonies of crickets that carried me to my dreams and beyond aboard chariots of fire.

Give it a listen below:

onsdag den 28. april 2010

The Girl From The North Country

A tale of affection in a faraway land in a faraway state of affairs. Embroiled in the simple innoncence of youth, mystified by the passing clouds of a distant springtime somwhere not too far off in the recent past.

In the midst a sullen mist I gazed into your speechless face

The trepid tidings of times vanished without so much as a trace

I saw in your blue eyes vestiges of valour long since departed

Vexations of fate, truths that left me disheartened.

Into the dawns drizzle I stared, awestruck by its silence

The serene subtlety of speed defying the odds of dependable science

I saw upon your blood red lips inevitability carved in stone

Vindications of trait, potentials I wished I could own

In the spartan confines of a mirror I gazed at the pale form staring back

The circular crescendo of calamity served on a platinum platter

I saw in the nonchalance of your mien, futility and her slammed doors

Vociferous notions of hope, frozen waters neath my ship’s oars

søndag den 18. april 2010

Mixtape mania: Mixed In Minutes: Pre rave @ Allan's :

Inspired by the brilliance of the spring and the simple sensuality of life. Catch my latest mixtape at :


1) Freakx Brothers: Tension
2) Sebastien Leger: Hit Girl
3) Marco V: Before
4) Deadmau5: Arguru
5) First State Feat Anita Kesley: Falling
6) Niels Van Gogh: Pulverturm (Tomcraft remix)
7) Billy Hendrix: Body Shine
8) Tiësto: Adagio for Strings
9) Insigma: Open Your Eyes
10:) Genetica: Activa
11) Tiësto: Urban Train

Elevate me to my individuality, rob me of my conformity

I poem that I wrote in the midst of the thaw of spring.

I never did see the lie that the others saw,
Through fiery earth and pouring rain, the spring’s thaw
I did wish to envisage this poignant transgression
Subtle in its vengeance, rabid in its regression

I never did bear witness to the simple sinfulness of conformity
Alone and maladroit, devoid of the slightest dignity
I did hope to embrace this delicate, derided passion
Subdued by her wit, mighty in her right

I never did pay homage to the wilfulness of indignity
Acrid and putrid, a horse tail hair short of insanity
I never did smooch this imbued pilgrimage
Eroded, exhausted and enshrined in the wispy plumage of this adage

I did bear witness to this ship sinking
And rallied with the decadent masses, and their malevolent manners
I did watch the slipstream slip beneath my feet.
And into the wilderness we wandered, meek, minute and mild.