onsdag den 28. april 2010

The Girl From The North Country

A tale of affection in a faraway land in a faraway state of affairs. Embroiled in the simple innoncence of youth, mystified by the passing clouds of a distant springtime somwhere not too far off in the recent past.

In the midst a sullen mist I gazed into your speechless face

The trepid tidings of times vanished without so much as a trace

I saw in your blue eyes vestiges of valour long since departed

Vexations of fate, truths that left me disheartened.

Into the dawns drizzle I stared, awestruck by its silence

The serene subtlety of speed defying the odds of dependable science

I saw upon your blood red lips inevitability carved in stone

Vindications of trait, potentials I wished I could own

In the spartan confines of a mirror I gazed at the pale form staring back

The circular crescendo of calamity served on a platinum platter

I saw in the nonchalance of your mien, futility and her slammed doors

Vociferous notions of hope, frozen waters neath my ship’s oars

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