søndag den 18. april 2010

Elevate me to my individuality, rob me of my conformity

I poem that I wrote in the midst of the thaw of spring.

I never did see the lie that the others saw,
Through fiery earth and pouring rain, the spring’s thaw
I did wish to envisage this poignant transgression
Subtle in its vengeance, rabid in its regression

I never did bear witness to the simple sinfulness of conformity
Alone and maladroit, devoid of the slightest dignity
I did hope to embrace this delicate, derided passion
Subdued by her wit, mighty in her right

I never did pay homage to the wilfulness of indignity
Acrid and putrid, a horse tail hair short of insanity
I never did smooch this imbued pilgrimage
Eroded, exhausted and enshrined in the wispy plumage of this adage

I did bear witness to this ship sinking
And rallied with the decadent masses, and their malevolent manners
I did watch the slipstream slip beneath my feet.
And into the wilderness we wandered, meek, minute and mild.

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