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Method man, As seen at Stor Vega, 25th March 2010

Fresh from rocking Århus, Denmark the night before, a certain Clifford Smith, better know as Method Man (after the 1979 martial arts film, “A Fearless Boxer” ) pitched up in the capital for his second appearance in Copenhagen in under the space of a year.

An entertainer of the people

I arrived at Vega shortly after Method Man and his crew took to the stage, to a pulsating, sweaty concert hall where the 37 year old rapper clearly had the audience in the palm of his hand. A maestro at theatrics and the general art of stage entertainment, Method Man made sure that Thursday’s concert wasn’t merely about the music, but moreso about the entire shebang itself. In addition to neatly woven stanzas of raw, point blank, clear-cut mic-spitting antics, Vega’s audience were treated to one cheery eyed rendition after another, and frequently asked to sing along to chosen snippets.

Things got fever pitch somewhere towards the end of the concert, as Method Man decided he’d walk on the sea of people below him, pulling this off for a few seconds before plummeting into the masses, only to be lifted out and on stage again, his child-like cheery grin full proof of the fun he was having. The wild crowd-dancing theatrics then gave way to a heartfelt ode to amongst others, Michael Jackson and fellow belated Wu-Tang Clang member, Ol Dirty Bastard, in tune to the stabbing yet subtle background beats of Eve and Gwen Stefani’s “Let me blow your mind”

Evidently thrilled with his performance, Method Man bade a cheery farewell to the masses, promising to bring Redman with him next time he’d be in town. Whilst the performance was undoubtedly one of the best concerts I’ve been to in a while, many will argue that Method Man and Redman paired together last year at the same venue last year caused more ruckus than Method Man on his own this time round. Whatever the case, the concert was a sell out, both in point of fact and figuratively speaking.


Method Man feat lauryn Hill: “Say”

Always up for venting his spleen at the music industry, Method Man unleashed this track as he often does, accompanied by requests for the audience to yell “ F*** that S***

Method Man: "Baby I like it raw"

One of the sing along tunes of the night, peppy and jubilant with a solid piano riff in the background

Method Man: “Bring The Pain”

A tune that caused a stir on the night.

Method Man: “M.E.T.H.O.D Man” :

The evening's de facto highlight; a show-stopping classic that sparked quite a frenzy when it dropped.

Video highlights:

F**** that S****

Give It To Me Raw

On The Count Of three...Noise!

Crowd Surfing's The Name of The Game

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