søndag den 21. marts 2010

Full On Fiery Ferry For Your Fire

It’s not everyday that one earns the privilege of being able to see one of the world’s top 10 Dj’s perform live. Friday the 5th of March was hence, a special night in all respects, as Ferry Corsten took to the stage in the city of Århus, Denmark.

I arrived at the venue midway through Corsten’s set, to a scene of rampant chaos and merry making, as Corsten unleashed a canny blend of electro-influenced trance to a frenzied crowd. A maestro of crossover music styles, Corsten changed gear gradually through the course of the night, upping the bpms and raising the tempo from electro-heavy trance to a more uplifting, euphoric blend of the genre he’s come to master over the course of his deejaying career.

Highlights of the night included several tracks off his latest album “twice in a blue moon” plus evergreen classics such as “ Everything is Beautiful,” The “lowlands” festival’s anthem of choice (check out the carnage this scorcher caused below : )


As energetic and active as always, Corsten barely stood still for a single second in his entire performance, candidly miles away in his own musical universe as he waved his hands wildly in the air and stared blankly into the misty blueness of the club ceiling. He signed off at around 2 am, and though the acts that came after him were decent enough, they were nowhere near Ferry in terms of the atmosphere they created.

Check out some of Ferry’s hottest productions to date after the jump:

Barbers Adagio For Strings (Ferry Corsten Remix)


* Arguably Corsten’s best remix to date; a classic tune given a masterful touch of grace and sophistication.

Dj Tiesto and Ferry Corsten: Gouryella


* A coup de foudre of a tune that put embedded two of trance’s best names into the realms of music history for all eternity.

System F: Out Of The Blue


*A masterpiece off part of Corsten’s second solo project work under the alias System F that soared into the UK top 20 back in 1999.

Ferry Corsten: Fire


* The title says enough. A trademark Corsten number, euphoric, hands-in the air stuff through and through.

Ferry Corsten: Beautiful (Official Video)


* The lowland’s festival anthem of choice.

Armin Van Buuren Feat Ferry Corsten: From The Heart


* One of the more sentimental numbers in the Ferry ensemble, this one inspires tears of elation and reflection upon every listen.