fredag den 22. juli 2011

Kill The Geek : The making of "Maybe Monday"

With the weather looking as frightful as it is at the moment, I found myself indoors yesterday evening in the company of a couple of friends who are working on their latest studio production. 

"Kill The Geek" are a newly established Copenhagen-based outfit specialising in minimalistic electronic productions laden with progressive and ambient influences.  Claus Sigesmundsen, a.k.a Zigges is the nerdier of the two "geeks," and oversees the more technical aspects of studio production whilst Gitte Hansen provides scope and insight to the process with her meticulosity and keen ears. 

"Maybe Monday" is the latest track in the duos ever-expanding repertoire; an ambient journey through the process of quitting cigarettes. Like many of Kill The Geek tunes, "Maybe Monday" is riddled with numerous catchy live samples and organic, self-made synths that add personality and flair to their productions.  

Here are the shots from the creative process behind the making of the track. Keep a lookout for it on Kill The Geek's soundcloud page, where it will be released in the near future. 

 Kill The Geek - Thunderfrog by Kill The Geek

 Kill The Geek - Copenhagen Sunset by Kill The Geek

More tracks from Kill The Geek on their soundcloud page :

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