søndag den 22. maj 2011

Tietgen chill

The dance of the modern in the arms of the antiquated. Wandering in the concrete colosseum, amongst lamp standards, keyboards, glass frames, panes and light. 

Jailed in chords  

Eureka !

Lamp standards and chords

Multidimensional simplicity I

The distortion of foliage, through the looking glass.

The Wright to fly

Turtle migration, the density of the concrete jungle 

There's nothing interesting on tele these days. Has there ever been ? Reflections of the self in the panorama of tele culture.

The bewilderment of the shadows

The symmetry of imperfection

Inanimate life in still shades 

Jørgens metaphysical reflections. Suicidal thoughts

The twilight kiss

Dicing the shadows of the twilight.

Six shades of simplicity


 Chasing the setting sun.

Planet B

There is no planet B (I)

There is no planet B (II)

In tune with the rebel martians.

Tietgen's colosseum I

Entering the arena 

The dance of the setting sun.

The concrete Amazon I

The concrete Amazon II

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