mandag den 29. november 2010

The Cavalier Antics of The Brute

A tribute to individuality. The world as we know it is a multi dimensional framework of infinite possibilities. The plight of humanity at present is that man, with his finite, established perceptual norms is trying to grasp that which lies beyond the finite. Ergo it follows that his comprehension of himself and of the universe(s) in which he exists is in turn, a finite (i.e. limited) notion. Inequality is the consequence of this, man's futile struggle to separate himself from himself. Inequality manifests itself in class struggle, power abuse, racial imbalance; the fundamental problems of the world today as they always have been.

I write this, imprisoned by the very virtue of being human, contained by such a virtue, scathed, loved, adored but always imprisoned by this simple manner of virtue.

The world around me is alive and awake, dreaming in its wandering winter waylays,

These tearful shows of sorrow, these hopeful mourns of peace

The pacifist serenity of the shade has long since wandered

Replaced instead by congenial feuds, impertinent woes and vile usherings

Peace, stratified, symmetrical symphonies, the loot that fills your welcome ears

Tears, joy, anguish, lyricism, the hosts that partake such poignant a feast

Brave, beaten, bridled by the beaming beckoning beauty of sunrise

By the diligent precedence of the cold, the cavalier antics of the brute.

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