søndag den 27. februar 2011

The week that's been in music. Volume I

If music be the fruit of life....Play on. This is the first in a series of posts through which I intend to share some of the songs that I'm listening to with the world. The ten tracks of my week this week are:

1) Joy Orbinson. Hyph Mynho. Attutude-ridden, synth-kissed grime. Repetitive yet contemplative. The eclectic London-based wizard Joy Orbinson achieved underground eclat for this tune back in 2009.

2) Joy Orbinson. So Derobe. Another contemplative rhythm from Joy Orbinson. Disctintcly dub, sounds like Burial with a healthy sprinkling of sheer uumph!

3) Pretty Lights. Finally Moving. Sentimental, violin-graced simplicity, ideal for brezzy Sunday's on the sofa.

4) Misc Mix: Cymantic Freuqencies. An audio visual mix by DK. A journey into sound, down the avenues of dub and grime.

5) Damian Marley. Welcome to Jamrock (Dubstep remix): Raunchy dubstep patterns juxtaposed exquistely alongside Damian Marley's timless tune, Welcome to Jamrock

6) Chase & Status. No problem. A tune with a wicked African vocal; not the best beat pattern though but still out there amongst the unique and the rare

7) Katie Melua. I Cried for you. Beautiful, serene, loving. The endearing voice of Katie Melua, delicately poised and soft spoken. This is for the broken hearted, "Beauty need only be a whisper"

8) Alex Font. Angola. A tribal anthem that one would expect to hear in the sweaty basements of a cool club with a hefty sound system. Sexual, mysterious and engaging.

9) Mzungu Kichaa "Jitolee" A passionate track from the ground-breaking Danish musician, Søren Espesen. This is a tribute to Tanzania, to Africa and to multiculturalism.

10) Mice Parade. Old Hat. Sounds like a charango in the background. Sentimental, alternative, hopeful... elevating; much like the delicate dance of the winter's transcendence to spring.

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