søndag den 27. februar 2011

Beyond the impassioned stillness

Beyond the impassioned stillness of the crystalline night

Wandering, wavering, woolly. Vindicated from this sight

Lies but the mystique of the veritable. Tainted in enigmatic silence

Shrouded in a polychotomy of the real. Pained in incandescence

Beyond the sullen symptomatic surreal, the juncture of the obscene

Vilified, vaulted, verdant. Syndicated from the serene

Lies but the beauty of the known. Engulfed In displaced serenity

Imbued by the dainty elegance of the inane. Moulded in heterogeneity

Beyond the junction of the mundane serendipity of the whole

Endeared, endangered, exposed. Implicated in the conjured soul

Lies but the sanity of the enacted. Trapped in implacable cadence

Clothed in the syntax of the established. Beyond the set silence


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