torsdag den 20. januar 2011

Scoop: Record of the year ?

It's very early to start making any sort of predictions whatsoever as to which tracks will be causing mayhem on the airwaves this year but it's fair to say that if things continue as they have for the past few years, the prolific London duo Chase & Status may well be topping the upper echelons of the popular tracks on demand. It certainly sounds like they have stumbled on something rather phenomenal with their new single "Blind Faith" featuring Liam Bailey on the vocals. The track samples what sounds like a Lolleatta Holloway vocal for its riveting chorus and juxtaposes this with some fantastically crafted dubstep-esque beats that'll get any dancefloor pumping. This is one of those tunes with a very potent feel good factor, represented in its official video which attempts to re-incarnate the bygone days of massive underground illegal raves and mayhem. Don't say you haven't been warned, this number will scorch 2k11 !

Release date : 24th January 2011

Preview, Official uncensored video :

More from Chase & Status (Check out the videos section for some of their latest work, such as the less upbeat, more downbeat "End Credits" track.

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