mandag den 21. november 2011

Polarity in shaded sequences

Many a time, I fear I have lost all faith in humanity, melancholic as it may sound. The world around me is falling apart and the air is heavy with the fumes of exploded glass-shards and the decaying scent of recently extinct species. 

Consider this: 

Less than one per cent of what the world spent every year on weapons was needed to put every child into school by the year 2000 and yet it didn’t happen. We live in a world in which we have somehow prioritised the ability to blow our entire universe up an indefinite amount of times over feeding the poor and the needy within our global society. Still, we arrogantly presume that we are the most intelligent species on this planet, yet how intelligent is a species that willingly and consciously brings about its own extinction ? How intelligent is a species that has the ability to co-exist in perfect harmony with itself and its natural environment yet that somehow manages to do neither ? 

I feel desperate and disconsolate and i'm consigned to writing about mere facts that everyone is already aware of to quell my frustration as I continue to live amongst the wasteland of materialism and consumerism within which I find myself, a wasteland that plunders the rest of the world for its resources so that we, the West can prosper whilst a modern day Holocaust of poor people the world over suffer and die in abject poverty. 

My generation and the one before it remain passive and cool-headed, too unconcerned to care about the fate of the generations after us. The youth of my day waste their time talking animatedly about orchestrating systemic change before assimilating into the flaws of the same very system and dropping all their lofty, idealistic rhetoric. That's all we do, you, me and everyone else of this generation that could have changed the world- we talk, we draft plans and lofty resolutions just like the U.N do and we hope some deus ex machina will fall from the heavens to do our job for us. If talking about all we could do could cure the world's ills, we'd long since have rid this earth of its inequalities and injustice. The fact is however, talking cures nothing and recognising that there is a problem and a need to act is an amateur step in solving it that we should have gotten past hundreds of years ago. 

What is hence the solution to our plight ? 

Politicians need to be held accountable for their actions, democracy needs to be completely overhauled, world debt needs to be scrapped, grain and meat surpluses from the developed world need to cease to exist, so do import tariffs. The religious institutions of the world need to have their power annullled. More people have died pursuing religious crusades in the history of the earth than have been killed in all the plagues and natural disasters that we've seen. Schooling needs to reformed- people need to be taught how to be human first, how to love their brothers and sisters from all walks of life first before loving the sciences, math and other disciplines. Humanities as a subject need to be prioritized within the schooling system. Economics need to become resource based and financial institutions need to be under the control of the people, not family-run cash cows as they are currently. Political leadership needs to be a peer to peer process. No one man or woman should be held accountable for the leadership of any nation, why not have one constitutionally elected leader per every x number of inhabitants, all of whom are to have equal rights and should ideally hail from different backgrounds and social classes ? Peer to peer sharing and peer to peer politics, the possibilities are endless. It's too late to be a pessimist ! Source

For the wind that lies still, in waiting
The misty evening promise compensating 
The dim hue of the amplified light 
Far out, hazed and out of sight 

For the sun that's gone and departed 
The fallen stranger, benevolent and bold-hearted 
The cold glare of the arriving plight 
Vanished, vacant vapid and contrite 


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