fredag den 12. august 2011

My Crete in pictures. Part I

The first of many shots from the magical island of Crete, Greece's most populous isle. A pearl in the crystalline Mediterranean, Crete was an unforgettable experience for so many different reasons. The delicious food, the sinuous mountain roads that snake down to the rocky coastline and sandy beaches below, palm-fringed river deltas, Raki and the hospitable Cretans that live and dance under the sun...all will forever remain dear to my heart. Efharistoomay Κρήτη, Thank you Crete ! 

Bullet-riddled signposts I

Bullet-riddled signposts II

Sundown by the highway, Southern Crete  I

Sundown by the highway, Southern Crete II

Descending into the Samaria gorge I

Descending into the Samaria gorge II

Rock temples in the Samaria gorge

Donkey in the Samaria gorge

Crete's rocky Southern coast.

On The Ferry from the beach by the Samaria gorge. A lush detail of life amongst industrial settings

Grilled Octopus, a local delight

Paximadia, two uninhabited Greek islands off the Southern coast of Crete

The Southern coast I

The Southern coast II

Sand and shingles


Near Agios Pavlos

 Agios Pavlos I

Agios Pavlos II

Agios Pavlos III

 Raki take I

Raki take II

Raki take III
 Raki take IV

By the beach near Lake Kournas, Northern Crete

Raki take V 

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