tirsdag den 14. juni 2011

Under the shade of the Gibraltan rock

A poem I wrote on a cool, calm summer night in Gibraltar, as I watched sea gulls decorate the night sky with their fluttering wings; Ceuta and Morocco in the distance and the warm breeze of the Mediterranean upon my eyelashes

Under the shade of the Gibraltan rock
I hear the sounds of gulls content and gleeful
Poetically astute, angelically gifted
This is what life in pearl feels like
From stalactite caves to amiable apes,
laughs, grins, sighs, jeers and sneers
From marina colours to golden dawns
whitewashed facades and Iberian dreams
Gibraltar, you've made an admirer out of me
To Ceuta and Morocco I gazed from your lengths
And beyond into the distant horizon discreet
Your warm winds propel my day
Your bold rock anchors my stay. 


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