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Gibraltar: Food and Culture

It's always pleasant to have an international food fair going on when one is on holiday. The annual "Calentita" celebrations in Gibraltar just over a week ago saw the Casemates square (Gibraltar's main square) packed with food stalls selling culinary delights from numerous nations.  Locals and tourists alike turned out in the thousands to sample various dishes and enjoy dance displays and other acts, the highlight of the evening being a stunning 20 minute firework display to cap off the occasion.  The Moroccan stand continued their yearly tradition of being the last stall to turn off their lights so the firework display could start, which the master of ceremony on the day poked a good deal of friendly fun at. I was particularly impressed by the Moroccan and Indian food stands and naturally the local stall had plenty to offer to. If you're ever in Gib, be sure to sample the national dish, "calentita," a bread-like dish similar to the Italian "Farinata." I 

On the subject of food and dining in Gib, recommended eateries include "Ipanema" restaurant by the Marina area which offers a hearty buffet for a mere 10 quid.  The house speciality however is a selection of meats of different sorts, which are roasted on the spit and placed on ones plate thereafter, still steaming and spluttering. This costs an extra 6 pounds but is well worth it. "Celebrity Wine bar" also in the Marina area offers highly varied Indian cuisine for a tenner and as the name suggests, a fine assortment of wines from the proprietor's collection. The view of the harbour and the setting sun from the top of the restaurant's terrace is something out of a movie script, complemented by the soft brown and amber shades of the furniture.  These restaurants were a stark contrast to other more "typical" Gibraltan eateries, which were more British than anything else and turned out to be rather pricey. The smoothie stall in the corner of the Casemates square is also worth a glance. A well priced sortiment of healthy smoothies of all sorts and sizes and genuinely impeccable service definitely made for a wonderful start to my mornings in Gib ! 

Giant Paella

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