onsdag den 8. juni 2011

Blågårds Apotek on a tranquil summer eve

After five manic days of Distortion fever left the city streets bent and knock-kneed, Copenhagen has returned to her usual tranquil state.

A relaxed evening of instrumental music, dimly-lit confines, friends, fun and laughs at the lively Blågårds Apotek was exactly the sort of Wednesday night inspiration one needs every now and again. Thank you to Paula Tebbens, Edoardo Bottalico, Danny Malone, Benjamin, The Greek and I (a.k.a. The Greek and Die when mispronounced !) and everyone else who made tonight a memorable occasion.  

Another inspiration on the night was a certain Ole Erdmann, architect turned poet / artist.  Several years ago, Ole had a serious stroke that left him in rather a dire state. Facing the prospect of enduring brain damage, crippled limbs and slim chances of ever returning to a normal life, Ole discovered he could rhyme and write prose during his rehabilitation period.  Since then, the man has gone on to publish an inspiring book entitled "10 Crazy Poems, About Living with a Brain Injury." Ole has also painted several works of art that are for sale at Blågårds Apotek, where he has become something of a regular, with his humour, stories and quick wit. What's even more stunning is that these paintings have been made with his right hand (following partial paralysis of his left arm)

Ole lives his life the way many ought to, knowing all too well what it means to live and to be alive. He is an inspiration to not merely his own generation but to us all.  A free version of his book can be found at the following link:


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