søndag den 16. januar 2011

My Kenya in Pictures

An exposé of some of my photos from my recently concluded trip to Kenya, centered mainly around the area in which I grew up before I moved to Denmark and around the people and smiling faces that characterised my vivid dreamworld back then as they do now.

My sister June and my niece, Jessica

With Bakari (Right) and Saba (Left)

Lizard warming itself on a window sill.

My aunt Inger and my niece Jessica

"Mbwa Kali" Swahili for "fierce dog / dogs" : A common sight outside many plots and houses in Kenya whose intent is to ward off potential thieves.

My grandmother, now in her 90's and still going strong.
The multiethnic Hillsview Estate Children: Germany, Finland, England, Norway, Denmark and Kenya are all represented in this picture.

The Hillsview kids I

The Hillsview kids II

Saba (left) and Bakari (right) I

Saba (left) and Bakari (right) II

Holding my little Saba.

Grandma and my nephew Hawi, four generations apart.

My Masai shuka

Simba Mdogo

Blue skies over Lanet

Morning glory beaming beautifully in the early morning sun

Artwork at Greensteds International School

Greensteds International School: The lane by the Pad

Artwork by the junior boy's dorm, Greensteds International School

The enigmatic "Cornflake" grazing under the savannah sun

The staff bar, Greensteds International School

Mud housing with corrugated iron sheet roofing near Mbaruk.

The view out towards the Mbaruk valley from the cliffs by Greensteds.

My mum Karen and aunt Inger

Grandma and my nephew Hawi sharing a moment of bliss.

My brother Ted and nephew Hawi.

Myself, My niece Jessica and sister Pat

Dad, Mum, Aunt Inger, Myself, Patricia & Jessica

Myself, Hawi, Ted & Dad

Cacti on the Mau slopes, Njoro

Herdsboy tending his flock, The Mbaruk valley

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