fredag den 22. oktober 2010

Upon paths unknown

A poem I wrote sat on the S-train on the way home, safe, warm and sound within the carriage I rode in, protected from the raging elements of the temperamental autumn evening outside.

Out of the pitch obscurity beneath my vexed feet

Lies the world, innate and unchanged

Unitary sin, unitary good, sleepless and melancholic like the winter night

I question whatever deity there may be as to the humble tidings of this benevolence

Six billion years away in times insofar unchanged and they are fixated

Wolves whisper softly to each other in the soft morning mist

Tis but the foundation of the surreal, structured symphony that intoxicates us

Unitary time in functional space, the four square borders of reality turned inside out

In a whirlwind of surreptitious gales, I string me a harmony neath my brazen fingers

A one man circus, a solo charade, stripped blank and pale by the joy around me

Inevitability pinches the jaded fabric of turtle skin that drapes the core within

And from afar comes the spontaneous staccato chatter of love most divine.

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