torsdag den 15. oktober 2009

Hilarious! Don't let this happen to you

Whilst browsing through the coloruful pages of my Djmag earlier today, I stumbled upon one of the many cheery anecdotes the magazine is laden with,- Though I was sat in a train within which one could literally cut the atmospehere with a blade, I burst out in in a fit of laughter that evoked quite a few curious stares. See if you think this is as comical as I do:

Dj mag to Don Diablo: "Weirdest 'Dam Experience? "

"I remember New Year's Eve, a few years ago, I had to do six shows that night and barely ahd time to breathe in between the shows, let alone do a proper toilet stop. After the third show, in a big venue in Amsterdam, my bladder was about to explode from all the water I'd drank. Unfortunately, the club was so packed that it was impossible to make it to the toilet in time so we had to make a quick decision and my tour manager handed me an empty bottle of vodka. I filled it up backstage and put the bottle aside.
"We had a really quick goodbye chat with the promoter and right before we left we spotted this guy, who just found the bottle somewhere, downing it with his friends. They were cheering very loud and making a big toast, saying something like what a good way it was to start the year with a free bottle of vodka. Who was I to spoil their fun?"

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