tirsdag den 5. maj 2009

Sexy Salamanca

When one pitches up in whats been rumoured to be Spains wickedest Partying collosus, the hopes are naturally high from the onset. This is one city that doesn't disappoint, providing an overdose of fun-filled fracas and frenzy that'll leave even the best bon viveurs knackered and in need of some shut eye. Salamanca basks in her own golden glow emitted by the natural ageing of her plethora of eye-catching architecture; embalming her palpable aura in a sheen of class and dapper panache. It's her nightlife however that reels in the accolades; as her quaint streets teem with a myopia of merry youth from all over the planet, bound together by the warmth and festive feel emitted from the numerous discos and bars, each adding elements of their own unique distinction to the overall mosaic of fun. I was personally well enamoured by the Bani-Aqua bar; a grunge joint splurting out some brill Indie / rock set in the backdrop of grafiti-filled walls which one is free to write on should one wish to leave their mark and be a part of the exodus. There's also 'las Almas' where Spanish pachanga never sounded better; the joint sports a real tree behind the bar; burgoise-clad Bouncers...and a slightly older crowd no less barmy by such virtue.... how ace is that?! Come the after hours, and 'Cubic' takes the honours; steaming out some frivolous electro and house chimes that set the scene ablaze, continuing to the dawn and beyond. The Irish disco is also a dope hangout, packed with Anglo-speaking folk (thats about all i remember of it though.....)... Nos vemos en Salamanca...una ciudad de puta madre!

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